2023 Public Servant Award - 911 Dispatcher

- 12/24/2023

VFW Post Post 4103 is pleased to announce the winner for the 2023 VFW Public Servant Award - 911 Dispatcher:

Kelly Ostello.

Kelly has been a Communications Dispatcher for the South San Francisco Police Department since 2017. Kelly’s ability to successfully manage high stress incidents is impressive. Earlier this year, Kelly was awarded our department’s Captain’s Award. She was nominated by three different supervisors for her work performed during an extremely hectic event which included a vehicle pursuit, multiple carjackings, and a traffic collision. Kelly juggled multiple agencies on multiple channels during the search for the suspects. As the incident unfolded the need for more resources grew. In addition to officers on the ground, we utilized several K-9 units, air support, two drones and an armored vehicle. She handled nonstop requests from the field and tracked their locations. Kelly was the primary dispatcher on the incident, and she handled it with ease. Her ability to successfully manage this significant incident is a direct reflection of her dedication and commitment to this profession. Her multi-tasking skills, performance under extreme pressure and ability to adapt, exemplify the highest traditions of public safety dispatching.

Kelly’s contributions to the Dispatch Center extend beyond this one call. In addition to working on the police radio channels and answering 911 calls, Kelly serves as a Communications Training Officer, working with newly hired dispatchers. She also works as a warrant clerk where attention to detail and accuracy in her work is critical. She is also a member of the North County Regional Tactical Dispatch team. This role requires her to respond 24/7 to critical incidents involving our region’s SWAT team.

Kelly’s outstanding job performance coupled with her willingness to take on new challenges and responsibilities deserves recognition. She is a team player and is always pursuing ways to further develop herself. I believe she embodies the qualities and characteristics that the Veterans of Foreign Wars seeks to honor.

Scott Campbell

Chief of Police