2023 Public Servant Award - Law Enforcement

- 12/24/2023

VFW Post Post 4103 is pleased to announce the winner for the 2023 Public Servant Award - Law Enforcement:

Stephanie Tenorio.

Stephanie has been with the South San Francisco Police Department as a police officer for the past four years, but her commitment to public service began long before that.

Stephanie first joined law enforcement as a teenager when she became a volunteer Police Cadet with the Daly City Police Department. She then became a Property Room Specialist with DCPD and was then hired by the FBI as an Electronic Surveillance Operations Technician. After spending about a year with the FBI, Stephanie was hired as a Crime Analyst for the South San Francisco Police Department. In that role, Stephanie was instrumental in tracking criminal activity throughout the city and identifying crime trends and hot spots. The officers and detectives routinely relied on the information she provided to address crime and improve the quality of life for our residents.

Two years later, Stephanie decided to change her career path and became a police officer with the South San Francisco Police Department. She attended the basic police academy, and when she graduated, became a full-time patrol officer. While working the streets, Stephanie used her prior experiences to help her to become a successful officer. After only two years on patrol, Stephanie was selected to become one of the department’s Downtown Bicycle Patrol Officers. In her new role, Stephanie worked very closely with the unhoused residents of our community and built a large network of resources to help those in need. After completing her two-year tour as a bicycle officer, Stephanie went back to patrol, where she used her skills and resources to continue to provide invaluable assistance to our residents.

Stephanie is a Field Training Officer, a Crisis Negotiator, a member of the Peer Support team, and a member of the Honor Guard. She has successfully completed numerous advanced training courses including both basic and advanced Crisis Intervention and De-Escalation Training. She is a graduate of the prestigious Inner Perspectives leadership program, and has taught at the department’s Citizen’s Academy, Hispanic Community Academy, and the Youth Academy. She is bilingual in Spanish and has developed a strong relationship with members of our Hispanic community.

Stephanie has been very actively involved with our Police Association and has participated in numerous community events and fundraisers. She also recently attended the Women Leaders in Law Enforcement conference. Stephanie has earned a Bachelors Degree in Spanish and a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from California Sate University, East Bay, as well as a Masters Degree in Emergency and Disaster Management from Georgetown University.

Scott Campbell

Chief of Police