2023 Patriot's Pen Essay

- 12/24/2023

VFW Post Post 4103 is pleased to announce the winner for the 2023 Patriot's Pen Essay:

Ryan Palesano.

Ryan is an 8th grade student at Scotts Valley Middle School.

His essay is below.

How am I inspired by America?

America, with its limitless opportunities, immense melting pot of cultures and people, and undying patriotism, all contribute to one of the greatest inspirations in my life. The American people have and continue to shape the strong country it is today. As a young person growing up in this nation, it embodies the traits of courage and strength. As Harry Truman once said, "America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand". The idea of the "American Dream" has taught me that with genuine hard work and devotion, I can turn my aspirations into a reality. Whether it is my personal dreams, college, or simply living the life I want to live, America is where young people like myself can follow their ambitions into something great.

I have now accepted a deeper understanding of people and cultures in America because of America's melting pot of people. I've talked to individuals from differing backgrounds, every one with their own personal stories and experiences. America inspires and encourages me to review ideas that enrich our society. It has taught me that finding out about new strategies and stories can produce an overall better person, while keeping core values such as strength, courage, and bravery.

Throughout American history brave individuals have stood up for their beliefs and initiated change for the better. From the freedom of religion in America to the effects of the civil rights movement, both illustrate how injustice or inequality can be challenged. I am inspired to use my actions to contribute to a better society, following the footsteps of other inspiring Americans.

America's culture of innovative ideas and determination to excel constantly inspires me as a young American. The world has been changed for the better by countless groundbreaking inventions, scientific accomplishments, and devoted entrepreneurs in America. These accomplishments remind me that I can pursue any future if I try hard enough.

In summary, America provides an example of greatness to all. It shows an environment where dreams can flourish, people from different backgrounds may live, change is encouraged, and innovation knows no bounds. It inspires me that as a young person, I have the potential to shape where my future takes me, and contribute to a better world for all. I am inspired by the limitless possibilities, courage, strength, and commitment to America's innovation, which fuel my own aspirations.